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At Ilisys, we work to make sure that we support the smoothest website deployments in Australia and deliver the performance and tools you need to run a successful website and online business.

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Our People

Our people are our greatest asset - from the knowledgeable support team through to the system engineers who manage our clusters and the tech visionaries who deliver the innovation. And we are all working for you.

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Our Innovation

Way back in 2004, we built the first hosting cluster with true session consistency - even when hardware fails. It’s the same philosophy that drives us today: keep on innovating to make online business easier.

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Our Performance

Our cloud platform has handled some of Australia’s most popular websites. At it’s 2011 peak, bigdayout.com handled 60,000+ concurrent sessions - all without missing a beat. We’ll do that for you too.

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Our Promise

We will work with you to make sure running your website, application or online business is a smooth experience. We’ll support your success with our very best tools, systems, infrastructure and service.

Spotlight on performance

Ultra high performance

The Ilisys Cloud delivers faster response times, faster processing of dynamic content, and faster downloads than other hosting platforms.

Quicker page loads cut abandon rates & improve the user experience.

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Compute nodes

Each node is a highly optimised Linux environment running a tuned Apache instance. FastCGI dynamically scales and load balances application processes while APC compiles PHP into byte-code on the fly.

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Load balancing

Load-balancers route requests to the next available Cloud node. If a node is busy, requests are transparently routed to other healthy nodes. Load balancing keeps your site fast - even under the heaviest traffic loads.

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Cache layer

Varnish is the state-of-the-art industry caching solution for web applications like Magento. Our Varnish cluster intercepts requests and delivers lightning responses, cutting latency and overhead.

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Enterprise-grade NetApp storage underpins Ilisys Cloud performance. A terabyte of flash cache and clustered, load-balanced architecture enables near-instant delivery of data to your application.

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