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SSL Certificates

We're committed to providing you with a secure web experience

To this end, Ilisys partners with GeoTrust Australia to provide QuickSSL Premium secure certificates.

Features of our Dedicated SSLs include:

  • Security: domain control validation, strong 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root.
  • Assurance: $10K USD warranty and GeoTrust True Site Seal trustmark.
  • Convenience: we handle the setup for you. 1-4 year validity options.
  • Universality: support for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers.
  • Dedicated IP for the duration of your certificate.

Where and why should I use an SSL?

Wherever secure and encrypted browser-to-server communication is required, SSL can be used to provide the security.
Examples of appropriate uses include:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Other payment transactions
  • Customer or User login pages
  • Newsletter signup pages
  • Any other page that submits user data to a server

Online security concerns make the headlines almost every week. As a result, using SSL is an absolute must for any online business.

  • Website visitors have been educated to look for the "little gold padlock" in their browsers before they start to trust a website. The padlock signifies security.
  • SSL is a simple, cost-effective way to give customers the peace of mind to "stay and pay" on your website - or even just to submit their personal details.

Which SSL is right for you?

With all the options between bringing your own SSL, Shared SSL or dedicated SSL certificate, we understand it can be confusing. We have created an easy table to understand the differences between these SSLs here

For more information on installing the right SSL to your website, please contact us direct at sales@ilisys.com.au or 1800 999 618.